Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review: Stickems

The thing about Stickems is that they are cool. Now, cool is not necessarily something that one associates with screen cleaners, but Stickems has managed to make the mundane task of cleaning the surface of a gadget into something enjoyable. Although not the first company to recognise that screens need cleaning, they are the first that I have come across that brings to market a really compelling product. 

So what are Stickems? Effectively they are little sticky discs and rectangles that use ultra-micro fibres to get all the schmutz and grub off of your coveted gadgetry. Given that cleaning is the bread and butter of the product one would hope that it carries out this task well... and it does. Stickems handle fingerprints no problem; with a single swipe along the screen of my tablet or phone any remnants of it being touched simply disappear. With the company recommending that each Stickem will last up to 10,000 wipes, for most users a single purchase will be sufficient for the long term. However, this feature alone is nothing special as there are ample products on the market that do the same thing, it's what Stickems are doing when they are not cleaning your tech that makes them special.

Stickems are called Stickems and not Cleanems for the obvious reason that the standout functionality is not that they clean, but that they stick. What is amazing about Stickems is that they have a mind of their own. They know not to stick to my sofa, but stick solidly to the glass back of my phone. They won't fray blankets, but will attach perfectly to the soft touch rubber on rear of my tablet. Furthermore, its stickiness lasts for a pretty long time, and in the event that it begins to wear, a little bit of water will renew it to its previous sticky glory. With Stickems promising not to leave your device anytime soon, it’s pretty important that they look the part, and this is where they come into their own. Design.

There is no point having something stuck onto your device indefinitely if it doesn't look nice, and design is something that permeates through the entirety of the Stickems brand. For anyone who is familiar with the super-cool desktop backgrounds that were introduced with the release with Windows 7, the Stickems designs will look a bit familiar. There are lots of bright colours, abstract characters and an overall funkiness that will appeal to most; not to mention the awesomeness that is The Big Lebowski. If however the existing catalogue of designs is not sufficient for your needs then you can go ahead and upload your own, provided that you are ordering a certain quantity. Once ordered, your Stickems will arrive in bespoke packaging which corresponds to the theme of the Stickem that you purchased. Such a touch is wholly unnecessary but is wonderful in that it furthers the brand and conveys to customers that you are not just purchasing a screen cleaner, you are joining a community.

Overall I am very impressed with Stickems, they clean, they stick and they look great. Although I have had some reservations about whether through constant peeling on and off the edges will become a bit dishevelled, I am absolved of any real concerns when I remind myself that for £2.99 getting a replacement one won’t break the bank.


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